4th Grade

Photo of Mrs. McKeon

Susan McKeon, M.ed is a professional artist and a teacher in the Escondido Union School District since 2001 and has taught grades 4 and 5. She has participated in the CSU San Marcos DREAM workshops, UCSD’s Gifted and Talented program, AIMS Cohort of Arts Integration with Math and Science, and EUSD’s Apple Distinguished iRead Program. Believing that new knowledge requires a mind open to curiosity, challenge, creativity, and struggle, she inspires students to embrace the joys of learning in order to enter a world of endless possibilities. smckeon@eusd.org

Wendy Nelson, B.A.C., CSUF has been a teacher in the Escondido Union School District since 2013 and has taught grades 1-4. She taught singing and performed in choirs for 20 years, began teaching in Los Angeles in 1991, has done murals and theatre scenery since 1996, has been a children’s seminar coordinator for PSI Seminars and a children’s seminar facilitator in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for SEPA seminars since 2006, and has been an artist and loved life, books, music, and art, her whole life. She is committed to the principles of personal growth and a growth mindset, and applies these principles in her own life and in her classroom daily in order to help her students live each day of their life by choice and design. Our class motto is: “We are bamboo. We grow at a visible rate.”wnelson@eusd.org

5th Grade

Photo of Mr. Benson

Joey Benson has been teaching with the Escondido Union School District since 2005. He has experience teaching 1st through 5th grade. He has spent the last 5 years in 5th. Joey is an active participant in iREAD, an Apple Distinguished program. He has taught with 1:1 devices for the past 5 years starting with iPods and then with iPads for the last two years. He encourages his students to not only be extraordinary in what they do, but also in who they are. jbenson@eusd.org

Diane DeWindt has been teaching in Escondido since 2005. The last 7 years have been in 5th grade and prior to that 3rd grade. Passions in STEAM learning practices have led students to be winners in many areas. She has been an active member of iRead, teaching with 1:1 devices for the past 6 years, a Math Field Day coach for many years, led teams at the STEAM Maker Festival, and a school site Teacher of the Year. Twenty-five years in business prior to teaching helps bring an authentic real world knowledge and enthusiasm to students. She encourages students to be the best they can be, by taking care of those around them. Classroom Motto: Be the change you want to see in the world! ddewindt@eusd.org

6th Grade

Photo of Mrs. Miramontes Solorzano

Vanessa Miramontes-Solórzano has been teaching in the Escondido Union School District since 2001. She is the 2014-2015 Escondido Union Middle School Teacher of the Year. She has taught fifth grade, math support, yearbook, language arts, and technology in the middle school setting. She has experience teaching in a 1:1 classroom where every student has an iPad and laptop and is exploring new technologies such as 3D printing, prototyping, videography, robotics, and MincraftEDU. She is currently working alongside with CSUSM MakerEDX cohort, establishing a Maker Space for students and staff. She is making a difference in each child every day by being a positive role model, she influences students in a positive way. She brings her personal experiences and the challenges that she faced, letting them know that, yes, they can do it, and if you believe, you can achieve. vmiramontessolorzano@eusd.org

Photo of Mrs. Buhler

Kim Buhler graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from UCLA and decided to use her creativity with students in a public school setting. She earned her Bilingual Certificate in Spanish. While teaching at Glen View School in Escondido, she worked on her Science add-on credential at UCSD. She is a GATE certified teacher and has taught grades 1-6 in public school for over thirty years. She has participated in the district iRead program, and Project Live. She served as a team lead, a technology resource teacher, and on school site council for many years. She is a member of the Computer Using Educators and Maker Space groups. Her three sons have gone through Escondido schools and she is a local Escondido resident. Teaching students is her absolute joy.


7th Grade

Photo of Mrs. Carpenter

Zoe Carpenter brings 25 years of educational experience with students from kindergarten to college into her classroom. She also has industry experience, providing engineering and technical training sessions to high tech companies as a senior training engineer. In 2012, she was honored as the San Diego County School Board Member of the Year. During her 3 years at Lincoln Elementary she was a member of iRead, with 1:1 iPads the last two years. Zoe encourages her students to “Grow Their Brains” through content exploration and inquiry. zcarpenter@eusd.org

Amy Murphy has been with EUSD since 1987 and teaching middle school since 1999. She believes that when students connect their studies with a deep purpose, profound learning and change happens. Mrs. Murphy enjoys teaching her students the Design Thinking process, Project Based Learning and bringing medieval arts into the Humanities curriculum. amurphy@eusd.org Visit PBL7 online.

8th Grade

Cindy Jackson has been teaching middle school since 2000. She has been teaching in a 1:1 iPad classroom, participates in iRead, and is experienced with problem-based learning. She has a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and Curriculum Design and uses this knowledge to facilitate her students’ learning. She builds lasting relationships with her students, helps them discover the passions and power they have in their lives, and believes all children should feel safe and respected in order to learn. She was a 2014 County Teacher of the Year and 2014 California Teacher of the Year State Finalist. cjackson@eusd.org

Photo of Mrs. Hansen

Christy Hansen has been serving the Escondido Union School District and community since 2006. She has taught Math, Science and Humanities in middle school and is working on her National Board Certification in Math. During the last two years, Christy has been on the Leadership Team for the Escondido STEM Initiative. She has been an active participant in iRead for 3 years with 1:1 iPads the last 2 years. Christy has received many grants including the opportunity to participate in a Zero Gravity flight. She helps students believe in themselves and to choose to be kind to others. chansen@eusd.org

SAI and Impact Teachers

Photo of Mrs. Evans

Jill Evans comes with over 20 years experience teaching special education as well as general education. She has worked in Los Angeles Unified, San Diego Unified, Rancho Santa Fe, and Poway Unified Districts. Jill has taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She has a Master’s Degree in Instruction and Leadership and was nominated for Disney’s American Teacher Awards in 2000. Jill inspires her students to be their best always and to be life long learners. jievans@eusd.org

Photo of Mrs. Bess

Cindi Bess is an intervention teacher at Quantum Academy. She previously taught in the Cajon Valley Union School District. Cindi has been working in education since 2008 with students from kindergarten-8th grade. Cindi is currently pursuing her Masters in Literacy Education at Cal State San Marcos. She is a strong believer in the power of the word "yet", and she works hard to instill that in each and every student she works with. Cindi is excited to begin working with the students at Quantum Academy in order to ensure that each student reaches their fullest potential. cbess@eusd.org

Photo of Ms. Sanchez

Socorro Sanchez has been teaching in the Escondido Union School District since 2000. She is a bilingual certificated teacher who has taught multiple grade levels as well as English as a Second Language classes to adults in the community of Escondido. She is an active member of iREAD and has had the privilege of getting to use mobile devices with her students the past 5 years. She believes in the power of technology to help advance students’ learning and to widen their understanding of their world. ssanchez@eusd.org

Chad Lampman likes playing with toy cars in the park. He is thankful for discovering that helping school children is more satisfying than fixing computers. clampman@eusd.org

Magali Ramos has been working in the district since 2015. She has BA in psychological science. She is happy to be at Quantum Academy. magramos@eusd.org

Site Based Resource Teacher

Colin Hanel has been teaching with the Escondido Union School District since 2001. He has experience teaching 4th and 5th grade. Colin was an active participant in Project LIVE and iREAD, both honored as Apple’s Distinguished Programs. Colin encourages his students to be creative problem solvers who think outside of the box. He is currently Quantum Academy's Site Based Resource Teacher where he has the ability to impact the learning of all Quantum Academy students. chanel@eusd.org

Instructional Coach

Photo of Mrs. Fox

Jo-Ann Fox, M.ed has been teaching in the Escondido Union School District since 2000. She has taught in the primary and upper grades and has a Masters degree in Literacy Education. She was 2012 San Diego County Teacher of the Year, is an active member of EUSD’s Apple Distinguished Program iREAD, is a Google Certified Teacher, and runs a professional blog on her own time. She has experience teaching in a 1:1 classroom where every student has an iPad. She encourages her students to use their iPads to be content creators rather than content consumers. jfox@eusd.org

Music Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Barlow

Kathleen Barlow has a Bachelors Degree in Music Education and has been teaching with the Escondido Union School District since 2014. She has experience in EUSD teaching band and recorder in grades 3-5, but has many years of experience teaching Middle School Band in Poway Unified School District. She has spent the last 2 years teaching 3rd grade recorder and 4th/5th grade band at elementary schools in EUSD. Kathleen is familiar with all band instruments, and is continuing her knowledge of string and keyboard instruments. Kathleen has experience with small or large ensembles and is excited to get to know the students, staff, and parents at Quantum Academy. kbarlow@eusd.org

PE Teacher

Photo of Mrs. Moretti

Marissa Moretti, M.ed is happy to be one of the first elementary grade level certificated Physical Education teachers in the Escondido Union School District. EUSD has put together a new PE program that she is thrilled to share with Quantum Academy. Before joining this district, she taught in Poway Unified and San Diego Unified. Majority of her background is in Physical Education. This is where she holds a passion for teaching fitness education. Currently, she holds a Single Subject credential in Physical Education and a Masters of Elementary Education in grades K-6th. I look forward to diving into the world of fitness with everyone here at Quantum. To not only share my love and knowledge of the subject, but to be a resource to introduce you to powerful education. mmoretti@eusd.org