Our Vision
To inspire confident leaders who impact the community 
through empathy, creativity, and innovation.

We Lead with Empathy

Leading with empathy means being able to understand another’s perspective. Someone who leads with empathy is a listener, an observer, and acts accordingly. The practice of empathy is compassion. To build and make a positive impact on the community, we cultivate empathy so that we practice compassion. Compassion is not only a source of happiness but an expression of what it means to be human.

  We Impact the Community 

We make a positive impact on the community. Impacting the community gives us a purpose for our learning. Someone who impacts the community in a positive way is empathetic, compassionate, and a problem solver. In an effort to become a better global citizen, we seek to model good citizenship at school, around town, and online.

  We Ask Questions and Seek Answers

As we continue our quest of learning, we constantly ask questions and seek answers. Inquiry and curiosity are not only encouraged, but honored as an important part of learning; a gift that will last a lifetime. Our questions don't just lead to answers, they lead to more questions, deeper understanding, and creative solutions. Our desire to explore and wonder why, leads us to ask "what if" and "how might we?"

We Persevere

When we come to a challenge or experience failure, we persevere. When we accomplish a goal, we celebrate then immediately create a new goal. We believe we are learning when we struggle and without struggle we are not learning. Our ability to work hard, put forth extreme effort, and focus on strategies that lead to achievement are qualities that will last us a lifetime.


We Create

We believe we are all creative. Someone who is creative is not afraid to take risks, is willing to accept feedback, and understands that creativity is a process. We use creativity to design new solutions, new ideas, and new innovations. We seek to build and sustain our creative confidence.