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It Takes Collaboration to Build a School

posted Jan 21, 2015, 11:09 AM by Jo-Ann Fox   [ updated Jan 23, 2015, 10:14 AM by Tom Borer ]

At Quantum we believe in the power of collaboration. Successful schools thrive when collaboration is the central focus. Here is why:

  • Collaboration requires empathy. When working in collaborative environments, it is important to understand what other people are thinking and feeling to fully understand how to work together. Everyone approaches situations and problems with their background, point of view, and life experiences. Being able to stop and listen to what others are saying and not saying, helps to feed a positive collaborative environment.

  • Collaboration also requires patience. When working as a team, it takes time to make collaborative decisions. That is okay. Taking time to make the right decision is always better than rushing to a decision just to be done.

  • Collaboration brings about a well-rounded understanding of how things work best. “Together we are smarter.” This is so true!

  • Collaboration requires flexibility. Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to in a collaborative environment. But that is okay. Knowing everyone had a say and much thought was put into a decision is just as important.

Building and creating a new school requires collaboration. Here is a list of people we have worked along side during this process:

  • District Superintendent, Dr. Luis Ibarra

  • Deputy Superintendent, Leila Sackfield

  • Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Michael Taylor

  • Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Kevin Rubow

  • Escondido Union School District Board Members

  • Director of Technology and Innovation, Kathy Shirley

  • Edtech TOSA team

  • Technology Services Team, to ensure the infrastructure is ready

  • Health and Wellness Coordinator

  • Nutrition Services

  • Maintenance and Operations

  • Purchasing

  • Language Acquisition Department

  • Escondido Elementary Education Association

  • Current school office staff

  • Site Parent Liaison

  • Innovative schools in the area like Design 39 Campus, Vista Innovative Design Academy, Del Lago

  • Escondido Union School District school sites

With many more opportunities for future collaboration with:

  • Members of the Escondido community

  • Parents of Escondido children

  • Students

  • Local business owners

  • Future staff members

  • ELD TOSA Team, for future planning of English Language Development for our students

We may have unintentionally left someone off of this list. 

But as you can see…

It takes a community to build a school.

It takes collaboration to build a school.